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Wake up to a more comfortable cycle with Cora.

Organic period and body care, delivered to your door.

Ride-or-die period care, clean and simple. Cora’s got you covered, however you flow.

We provide comfort through the uncomfortable.

From the take-on-the-world highs, to the stay-in-bed lows, we’re here for you. If we had it our way, painful periods, leaky bladders, and complicated bodies would be a thing of the past. Until then, we’re throwing everything we’ve got at making products that give you comfort and peace-of-mind when you need it most.

From Our Founder:

Several years ago, a girl in Kenya told me she’d stay home from school during her period because she couldn’t afford period products. That story, along with the knowledge that wellness products could contain harmful ingredients, inspired me to found Cora – where we believe every body deserves comfort, especially during their period.

We believe in period care access for all.

With every purchase you make, we provide period products and body literacy resources to women who might otherwise go without – because every body deserves comfort. Cora has given over 17 million period products to girls in need to help them stay in school. With your help, we can impact millions around the world.