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ALYSS is a multidimensional creatrix of music, art & esoterica, weaving together a rich tapestry of mediums & energetics.

A full sensory invocation of sound, feeling and spirit.

Astrocode – SEE YOUR SOUL IN SYMBOLS ☽ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♇ ☿ ♀ ☉


A completely one-of-a-kind hand drawn art piece based on your astrology birth chart. A special gift for you or a loved one. Each code is meticulously crafted using sacred geometry, alchemical symbolism & esoteric illustration to capture the intricate details and energies of your celestial makeup.

This healing art piece can serve as your very own unique emblem, while unlocking deeper insights into your life path, removing blockages & activating your innate potential.


Reiki is derived from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (energy), embodying the concept of a life force that flows through all things. As we move through our lives, the stress & challenges we encounter can build up over time as blockages in our physical, mental & emotional bodies. We can think of a reiki treatment as a deep sigh of relief from things we may be carrying & holding on to.

During our time together, I will provide a gentle and restorative treatment as support for your self-healing. My intention is to lighten the load both emotionally & physically, facilitating a sense of stillness and calm. We will listen and attune to the subtle energies in your auric field & key energy centres, allowing natural flow to return throughout your mind, body & spirit.

The session will take place remotely, allowing you to be in the comfort of your own home.

Reiki offers support for:

  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental, emotional, physical discomforts
  • A deeper connection to self
  • Deepening your spiritual practice


UK singer, producer, and visual artist ALYSS’ love affair with the muses began as a young girl at the piano. A shy and sensitive child, playing and drawing were her sanctuary. Growing up, ALYSS would imitate her mother’s singing, from T-Rex to Tina Turner to Edith Piaf; countless albums from every era flowed throughout the house and car daily. She was never far from an eclectic mix of sounds and subjects, with her father being a violinist for the Royal Opera House, an astrologer, and an inventor, altogether laying fertile ground for her imagination to run wild and flourish in either home.

Enamoured by the dreamy, emotional scales of Debussy and tales of the mythical and astral realms, this etheric quality has remained consistent throughout ALYSS’ songwriting and artwork. School nights were spent transmuting teen growing pains writing toplines over chart song instrumentals, eventually self-producing all of her music.

Since then ALYSS has been awarded Track Of The Week on BBC Radio 1 for “T S I E R”, collaborated with the likes of The Blessed Madonna + MJ Cole and performed alongside Sampha. After composing a series of tracks for film & TV in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios & the London Contemporary Orchestra, 2022 saw ALYSS’ track ‘Pyramid’ explode with a sudden new lease of life after 7 years of it’s initial release, organically appearing in the Spotify Viral Charts amassing over 20 million streams and a signing with Colombia records.

​This non-linear timing poetically reflects the somewhat fractalized path in which ALYSS has carved for herself, making music by day and crafting intricate bespoke artworks by night, both fed and fueled by her obsessive interest in esoteric philosophy, metaphysics and psychology. Now a fully qualified reiki practitioner, this natural evolution is propelling ALYSS forward in to new territories of sound, healing and energetics.

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