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Lunella’s Ristorante

Lunella’s Ristorante

Lunella’s Ristorante was born from the love of Antonio and Gaetana Russo.

Antonio was born in Acireale, a small village near Catania, in Sicily. Gaetana “Lunella” born in Altamura, a small village near Bari, in Puglia both wanted to come to this country to pursue “a better life.” In fact it is precisely between 1861 & 1985 it is found that almost 30 million immigrants left Italy. Luckily for these two, love was born along the way. They met in a five & dime shop in “Little Italy” and from there it was love at first sight. They went on to have their only daughter, Rossana. In 1984 they decided to open their dream restaurant, a beacon of hope and a meeting place for the community. Rossana later on blessed them with their heir, Matteo. Matteo (an actor) has debuted in his first feature film, “The Many Saints of Newark“ as young Artie Bucco.

Rossana has since taken over Lunella’s and has become invested in Little Italy in hopes to return this enclave to its roots.

​After more than thirty-five years, “Lunella” restaurant is one of the last to still boast an Italian and family management within “Little Italy”.

The philosophy of the Russo’s family always remains the same: attention to hospitality, a great sense of community, and authentic, quality Italian cuisine. In fact we believe the restaurant is not just a place where you can have a meal, but it’s a place where you can live the true Italian experience from food and atmosphere.

The restaurant has become a place for art and community. Lunella’s Ristorante showcases several events including acoustic music, Jazz, Blues, LGBTQIA, DJ sets and many other forms of entertainment to satisfy the pleasure of many.

Community Supporting Community: As one of the original small business owners in Little Italy, the Russo family believes in grass-roots support of local small businesses. We believe in humbly “paying it forward.”

173 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10013

(212) 966-6639