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Susan Deren

Susan Deren

Susan Deren has over 25 years of experience as an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium.

Clients who seek her intuitive insight through Psychic Readings, or to connect with a loved human or animal on the other side via her Medium Readings, comprise a variety of occupations including Psychologists, Professors, Engineers, and Small Business Proprietors.

Her abilities have been featured on ABC-TV’s Boston affiliate station WCVB-TV’s CHRONICLE, an evening news magazine program aired throughout New England. She has also appeared in Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Eagle Tribune, Haverhill Gazette, Massachusetts Horse, Horse Show Wire E-Magazine, and L.A. Travel Magazine.


  • ANIMAL MEDIUM READINGS: (connecting with a pet who has passed over)
  • MEDIUM READINGS: (connecting with a person who has passed over)


Her Animal Communication clients range from pet owners to professionals in the Horse Show world, including Trainers and Riders. Veterinarians have also consulted Susan where an animal’s physical issues could not be determined through traditional medical testing. Susan has been intuitively assessing animals for over 25 years, providing solutions to animal issues.

Over the years, she has personally been the proud owner of a horse, various cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, rabbits and chickens.

At the age of 10 she taught her dog how to count and would often do performances for the neighbors. Her father, who trained Military Police dogs in World War II, taught her the behavior techniques he utilized when she was 15. By the time she was 18, she could ride a horse without a bridle, not an easy task even for a skilled rider. Apparently, her animal communication abilities started at a very young age.

Soon, she began to realize that she could sense and feel what horses and other animals were experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally. At first, she hesitated to pass on this information to others. By her early twenties, she had developed the confidence to share the information she was receiving with animal owners and they began to verify the information she received was correct.

Decades later, she would leave the professional world as a Licensed Insurance Agent to utilize her intuition to assist animals and humans full time as an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium. Many of her clients, both human and animal, are very grateful she made that choice.


Susan’s psychic abilities began very early in life. At the age of 12, she was walking with a friend and noticed a car in the distance. She told her friend they had to turn around and run away because the man driving was going to try to attack them. Susan was insistent, “I get a bad feeling about him and I just know he’s going to try to do something to us.”

They ran and the car began to follow them as they moved between different blocks. They eventually reached a neighbor’s house. The man parked in front of the house, staring at Susan and her friend. The neighbor called the police and the man fled. When police apprehended him, they discovered he was wanted for recently raping two women.

When Susan was 17, she often accompanied her mother to medical appointments. Her mother was a diabetic and had high blood pressure. Many times, Susan just “knew” there was something wrong and would insist she see the doctor.

Her mother’s physician would always ask what Susan thought was wrong with her mother. The visual detail of what she saw in her mother’s body fascinated him. He would perform tests and then show Susan that she was correct. Eventually, he always insisted that Susan be there for her mother’s appointments so the doctor could utilize her intuitive assessment.

As her intuition continued to develop in her adult years, she would often do Psychic Readings for friends. She began to realize that her insight and predictions were becoming even more accurate. As she developed a local following for Psychic Readings, she also honed her abilites by working for a large event company in New England which utilized her services for college and business events. Eventually, she decided to leave her job as a Licensed Insurance Agent to assist both humans and animals full time as a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator, a decision she never regretted. Over 30 years later, she has a steady client base and offers Psychic Readings, Medium Readings, Animal Readings, and Animal Medium Readings.


At the age of 10, Susan was at a relative’s house and told her mother that a man was standing next to her aunt. Her mother told her no one was there and assumed this was one of her “imaginary friends” she often found her talking to at night. She finally asked Susan to describe the person and soon began to realize that Susan was seeing relatives that had passed, family members that Susan had never met.

As she became a teenager, her ability to sense spirit continued. Now, she could hear them as well. At this point, Susan decided to stop sharing these spirit encounters fearing that those around her would think she was crazy. She hoped the spirits on the other side would leave her alone.

Into her adult years she continued to see and hear spirits. As an Insurance Agent, she thought it was best to suppress these observations. However, as she continued doing Psychic Readings for friends, spririts kept interjecting into these readings with messages. At this point she realized that having this Mediumship ability was meant to be and she chose to listen.

Decades later, she would leave the professional world of Insurance to become an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium full time, a decision she never regretted.


Susan has clients throughout the United States and abroad including Australia, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, and Thailand.