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We are NADINE MERABI. A luxury, ready-to-wear brand making unmistakable pieces to inspire lasting moments.

Every NADINE MERABI piece is made with heart, by hand, using the finest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure these pieces last for a lifetime.

Our statement designs celebrate the smallest of details and are intended to empower those who wear us. We believe that slow is not only chic but essential. Our pieces are timeless and built from forward-thinking, conscious designs, intended to be cherished and forever-loved. From the initial spark of inspiration to the very final stitch, the team ensures that every woman wearing MERABI feels her finest and most fabulous.

We design for women. We celebrate women. We understand women.

The driving forces behind NADINE MERABI? At the helm of the recognizable dress signatures and the empowered business strategy are Nadine Merabi (Creative Director) and Blue Wilson (Managing Director), who come together in a perfect harmony of design, business and entrepreneurial ingenuity.

As a self-taught seamstress and businesswoman, Nadine places a heavy emphasis on making women feel confident when wearing her pieces. Using the finest quality materials from all over the world, Nadine ensures her collections are created to be cherished, collected and adored – made with heart and made by hand.

“Women go from believing, ‘I could never wear that’ to feeling a million dollars. I love nothing more than knowing my designs help this and are a part of your special moments in life. A dress doesn’t control your self confidence in life, but it can genuinely help your confidence for the night.”

NADINE MERABI’S journey from international England hockey player to global fashion designer is anything but ordinary. Born to a Lebanese father and British mother, the designer has taken the industry by storm with her show-stopping sequin and feather-embellished dresses, jumpsuits, and co-ords since her eponymous brand’s inception in 2016. Merabi’s passion for explosive palettes and celebration of timeless glamour stems from her Middle Eastern heritage, combined with timeless shapes and fine quality tailoring to create the unique signature that is the MERABI look today.

Nadine’s fashion journey began while she was organising events alongside her hockey career. She began to see the necessity for pieces that allowed her to experiment freely with fashion. Faced with a market saturated with replica designs, poor fit and quality along with overpriced dresses, Nadine set about changing this with the passion and desire to create one-of-a-kind pieces that would make every woman feel special. So that’s exactly what she did. Nadine bought a £250 sewing machine, a selection of cut-off fabric pieces from a local haberdashery store, and learned how to sew by watching YouTube videos.

Then, a request came in to dress a celebrity for the forthcoming National Television Awards. The next day the dress was on every single news outlet’s front cover. It’s only when Selfridges asked for a meeting that Nadine realised the real potential of her creations. At that point, although she hadn’t mastered all sewing techniques, she told them she would deliver and she did. And that was simply just the beginning with the brand continuing to rapidly expand as it celebrates half a decade in business.

We are based in Manchester, UK. We ship worldwide.