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Moon Magic

Moon Magic

Moon Magic has a stunning selection of gemstones each with their own magical properties and unique beauty.

Brilliant, beautiful gems are at the heart of our brand. We’re on a mission to bring a little bit of magic to mindful women around the world. By selling online only, we avoid traditional markups and pass those savings directly to you.

We offer the following genuine stones: Rainbow Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Diamonds, White Topaz, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, Tourmaline, Green Onyx, Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, White Sapphire, a range of Raw Cut Crystals, Organic Pearls and authentic Opal.

Our jewelry is made from a range of precious metals, including: 925 Sterling Silver, Platin-plated 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Solid Rose Gold, 14k Solid White Gold, 10k Solid Rose Gold, 10k Solid White Gold and 18k Vermeil which is 925 Sterling Silver plated in 18k Rose and Yellow Gold (this coating is 50% thicker than traditional gold-plated pieces, keeping it beautiful for years to come). There is no nickel present in our jewelry. Our watches are made from 316L Stainless Steel which is comfortable to wear and won´t tarnish over time.

Our promise to you is that all our gemstones are guaranteed authentic, approved by regular independent lab testing by GIA.

The GIA, which stands for Gemological Institute of America, ensures that all of our gemstones are up to industry standards and are of the highest-quality. We strive to be entirely transparent when it comes to the materials we use for all of our jewelry. Thanks to the GIA, we are able to guarantee the authenticity of our glittering gems.

The Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and colored stones. Our gemstones are submitted to the GIA authority to be tested and they are then certified if they are up to the gemstone industry standards.

The GIA uses 4 established principles, famously known as the ‘4Cs’, to test the authenticity of diamonds and gemstones. These principles include 1. Cut 2. Clarity 3. Color 4. Carat Weight

In addition, these tests also determine detectable treatments and whether the gems are natural or synthetic (fake). We only use gems that are given positive, natural grades by the GIA independent tests and, because of this, we are able to guarantee the authenticity of our gemstones.

Feel confident knowing you’re buying authentic, high-quality gemstones that are verified by the world’s most trusted name in gemstone grading and identification.

IGI (International Gemological Institute) is one of the world’s largest independent laboratories for testing and grading the authenticity of Diamonds. All Moon Magic Diamonds from the Pure Diamonds (US only) collection are backed by the IGI standardization and care.

They are known globally for their precise and prestigious study of colored stones, pearls and fine jewelry pieces to ensure that consumers can be confident when purchasing jewelry.

Unique from other fine jewelry certification establishments, IGI is the only organization of its kind and has over 20 operating laboratory locations around the globe. It’s also the world’s only gemological laboratory that holds ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation, a prestigious standard for calibration and testing of natural Diamonds.

There is no Planet B and we know that the Earth is the one thing that we all have in common.

We strive to maximize our use of recycled metals as a way of reducing our global footprint.

Being a sustainable company is a process of continuous improvement and we have set ourselves ambitious goals to become the sustainable jewelry brand that we strive to be. Corporate social responsibility is not just a term for us, it’s part of our every day vision.

From planting 1 million trees to running fully remotely to using 100% compostable cardboard shipping boxes we are taking action every day. For every piece ordered, we donate to the charity “Trees for the future” (TREES). This is our small but sincere contribution to this magical place we all live in and call home.

CONTACT MOON MAGIC: [email protected]

We ship all items from our warehouse(s) in the USA. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING