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Jane Club

Jane Club

The Jane Club is a community of women who support and celebrate each other.

A physical and digital space where inclusiveness is instinctive and not instructive.

Jane Club is actively building a world where women are not forced to give up what nourishes them in order to care for their family. A world where women are supported in equal amounts to the amount that they support others. A world where the village we know we need is real.

Honor all work. Come as you are. Show up. Be of service.

From the first incubator space where we tested co-working with onsite, full-time childcare, to our expanding digital community of Janes from all across the country and around the world, these have been our guiding principles.

They are committed to creating a culture wherein people can be their whole selves – across race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and age. Where they can share their work, their dreams, their fears, their grief and their joy.

Out with the commute, in with the community. Work lives have changed drastically and so we built a new open-concept digital workspace. We are here, wherever you are. Expect structure, wellness, social responsibility, accountability and community, all built into one purpose-driven digital hive mind. Tap in Monday through Thursday (because we’re big fans of the four-day work week) and get it done.