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Franico's Pizzeria

Franico’s Pizzeria

Finest Quality Pizza Made with Fresh Ingredients – Franico’s Pizzeria recipes reflect a rich diversity of family tradition, beginning with Italian favorites from Bari, Italy, and continuing with American preferences.

Family-Owned & Operated Restaurants for Pizza & Italian Specialties: Warwick, NY and Matamoras, PA.

Freshly Made Pasta – Homemade Ravioli and Italian Specialties – Homemade Calzone & Stromboli – Finest Quality Pizza Made with Fresh Ingredients

Bread is served with every meal at Franico’s Pizzeria and is used to mop up the delicious sauces leftover on your plate! Other tasty bread products include taralli, baked bread stick rings that come in a range of flavors like fennel or onion and are often served with a drink or in your bread basket; pizzior puccia a bread from Salento that’s studded with olives and tomatoes; and focaccia which is especially good in Bari, smeared with roasted cherry tomatoes, olives and plenty of local olive oil. Our favorite was at Panificio Fiore in Bari’s labyrinth old town.

Bari is our favorite place to eat Pizza and Italian specialties in Italy.

Despite the temptations of panzanella in Tuscany, pesto in Liguria, and cacio e pepe in Rome, the Puglia region, and Bari is our favorite place to eat in Italy. In a country that lives for its food and where we make annual foodie pilgrimages, that’s no small claim. Especially for pizza and other Italian specialties. But it was dreams of mammoth plates of antipasti that prompted our return for more visits, it only confirmed that the region is foodie heaven.

Here’s why: Everything is grown locally.

Pasta in Puglia is made with durum wheat semolina, no eggs, and is usually handmade. The most common type is orecchiette or “little ears” which feature on every restaurant menu. You can see them being made on the streets of Bari. Another typical Puglian pasta is sagne ‘ncannulate, long twisted strands.

25 Elm Street, Warwick, NY 10990

(845) 986-8000

302 Pennsylvania Avenue, Matamoras, PA 18336

(570) 491-5801