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De'Jon & Clo



DE’JON & CLO are dancers setting the bar in Salsa (on 2) in Texas.

In 2018, De’Jon partnered with Clo Ferreira to form one of the most dynamic power couples in the Afro-Latin dance scene.

De’Jon Polanski is an international Afro-Latin dance instructor and U.S. Air Force Veteran born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the founder and director of Tropik Vybe Dance Company and is known as one of the most diverse and distinguished bachata/salsa dancers in the world for his ability to teach, perform, and social dance many styles.

Clo Ferreira was born in Isla Margarita, Venezuela and raised in Princeton, New Jersey since the age of 5. She fell in love with dance at the early age of 8 years old because of her brother, Ry’El Zen Zouk, who is also a professional dancer and became her dance partner and mentor. Her brother enrolled her in training across all styles including classical ballet, modern/contemporary, hip-hop, American & Latin ballroom, and Afro-Latin social dance such as salsa, multiple styles of bachata, and Brazilian zouk.

Together, they continue to train under Afro-Cuban master Marisol Blanco and principal ballet dancer, master teacher & salsa/bachata cabaret coach Jose Serrano, frequently touring the world and spreading their passion for Afro-Latin dance.

Email: [email protected]