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Bellucci's Pizzeria in Astoria, Queens, NYC

Bellucci’s Pizzeria

Bellucci’s Pizzeria: the only pizzeria in New York City with Andrew Bellucci making the pies.

Artisanal Pizzeria. Everything here made with TIME & LOVE!

Our business specializes in making the BEST pizza possible using the best ingredients available! We guarantee to make you smile! The menu at the shop includes Sicilian, grandma, and round pies sold whole and by the slice, plus deep-fried calzones and sweet and savory zeppole.

Our legendary, Hand-Shucked Clam Pie must be pre-ordered, 48 hours in advance! The traditional clam pie that Bellucci had on the menu at Lombardi’s, will only be available for dine-in service.

Gluten-free and Vegan options available.

Our private garden is now open and is available for private events only.

“I’ve been making Pizza for over 30 years. I’m an expert in all genres of pizza, but my focus has always been the New York/New Jersey style. My current personal focus is re-inventing the classic New York slice: using old school NY tradition, French bread baking style and Italian pizza technique. Coal-fired and wood-fired ovens are my specialty. Extensive experience with traditional gas ovens as well as high-heat electric ovens.”

– Andrew Bellucci, OG New York Pizza Man

37-08 30th Avenue, Astoria, Queens, New York 11103

Bellucci’s Pizzeria slices are available Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 5pm.

Now doing pizza deliveries via Toast!

My love for pizza drives my obsession for perfection! Running a business is not easy and I please ask you to keep that in my mind. We welcome all questions and concerns face to face and we promise to make you smile!

(718) 407-2497


I started a shop in Astoria in 2020, and split because of differences with my partner. After I left he kept the name and tried to confuse people and tell them I was still there. I decided to open this shop a few blocks away and perfect my recipes and offer an even better PIZZA to the community I love and hold dear! Come in and try for yourself. Feel free to venture to the old shop and you will see that my new recipe is 100% better because I can finally use the BEST ingredients available!