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The Embodiment Institute

The Embodiment Institute

The Embodiment Institute is committed to supporting the work that will lead us to change from the inside out.

Everything that has ever happened to us, has happened through our bodies.

It is how we engage in the world, how we take action, and how we connect to one another.

We acknowledge that trauma and oppression shape our beings often in ways that limit our choice, our power, and our ability to connect.

Embodiment reveals our bodies as central to change and transformation. It awakens our felt sense of choice and deepens our connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

To strengthen our bonds, we have to engage trauma healing and resilience building in our physiology and through practice. To live out these bold visions for interdependence, for the abolition of harmful systems, we have to develop embodied and emotional capacities that reinforce these visions and make them possible.

How we show up to it, how well we coordinate with each other, and navigate breakdowns determine how possible our vision is for the future.

The Embodiment Institute Vision

We envision a world where we use power to heal rather than destroy. One where people are free to fully feel their lives and are neither forced into numbness nor reactivity. We envision a world where our relationships with ourselves, each other and the environment are authentic, intimate and regenerative.