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Savory Drops

Savory Drops – the best Coxinha in New York!

Brazilian Coxinhas with an American spin. Empanadas, Brigadeiros & more.


It all begins with an idea. You take your childhood memories and combine them with your new culture, lots of hard work and perseverance and before you know you are changing habits. Savory Drops presents to you the popular Brazilian street food made with love for the American People!

Discover Our Flavors


  • CHICKEN: The original Brazilian Coxinha. Traditional shredded chicken and spices.
  • BUFFALO CHICKEN: Our most beloved flavor! Mildly spicy & creamy buffalo chicken.
  • BROCCOLI CHEDDAR: Creamy & delicious broccoli and cheddar cheese encapsulated in a flavored dough, breaded and fried.
  • SPINACH: Deliciously creamy spinach dip with a crispy outside (spicy & unspicy options available).
  • ZUCCHINI: Made with zucchini and spices.
  • BEEF: Ground beef and traditional spices.
  • KIBE: All meat and bulgur wheat. Crispy & delicious! Add a little lime on top for an added bonus.


  • CHURROS-NUTELLA: Delicious sweet drop filled with Nutella and rolled into sugar and cinnamon after frying.
  • CHURROS-DULCE DE LECHE: Delicious sweet drop filled with Dulce de Leche rolled into sugar and cinnamon after frying.
  • COCADA: Coconut shreds in condensed milk make for a sweat treat!
  • BRIGADEIRO: Classic gourmet chocolate in condensed milk.
  • BEIJINHO: “Little Kiss” A Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk, sugar and clove.

How does it work? You can order savory drops in three ways:

  • Freshly fried. The best experience!
  • Fried and frozen. You can reheat them from frozen to hot in approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on your oven specifications. Very good choice for those who do not want to fry anything at home. Also good choice so you always have savory drops for whenever you may want them without having to leave the house.
  • Frozen. This would require freshly frying them at your home with the oil of your preference. The oil should be at 350­° Fahrenheit (180° Celsius). Fry them for no more than 2 to 3 minutes to prevent the filling of the drops from oozing out and dirtying your oil. Let them sit for a few minutes after taking them out and placing them on paper towel. Caution! Bite carefully as the insides could be extremely hot . It’s easy to burn your mouth. Super quick, a bit messier, but also the best experience. The dough and the filling are already cooked when we make them. The frying is really only to add crisp/color and to warm up the inside.

Due to their snack size, (approximately the same size but a little heavier than a chicken nugget), we normally sell them in bulk: 25, 50, 75, 100. However, since we are just starting out, we are going to see what our customers prefer.

The cost is as follows:

  • 1-10 Drops = 1 Dollar each
  • 25 Drops = 20 Dollars
  • 50 Drops = 40 Dollars
  • 75 Drops = 60 Dollars
  • 100 Drops = 80 Dollars

216 First Street, Mineola, New York 11501

We are nice people, making delicious Coxinha products, and we’re dying to have you taste them! Don’t see something you would like? Please call us and we’ll chat about your needs: (516) 216-9245