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Defensive Driving Course Discount with Empire Safety Council

Defensive Driving Course Discount with Empire Safety Council

New York Defensive Driving Course Discount with Empire Safety Council. DMV-approved online accident prevention class for Point & Insurance Reduction. $34.95 with Promo Code! (The code allows you to pay $34.95 instead of the normal $44.95 price).

Enjoy a 10% insurance reduction off your automobile & motorcycle premiums for 3 years and reduce up to 4 points from your driving record.

Please ensure that you enter the discount code prior to making payment and that the price reflected is $34.95. If you enter it incorrectly, or do not enter it at all, the price will come up as $44.95.

  • Enter code at bottom of registration form.
  • Pay after you register using our secure encrypted payment solution.
  • Get your completion receipt.
  • Empire mails all official completion certificates every Tuesday & Friday via USPS First Class mail from Smithtown, New York.
  • Course time is the minimum allowable state required 320 minutes (5.33 hours).
  • 100% online! Login / logout as many times as you like; progress checkpoints allow you to continue where you left off.

Defensive driving course discount: This code allows you to pay $34.95 instead of $44.95

Why take this online course?

4 Point Reduction on your Driving Record – If you have incurred violations during the 18 month period prior to completing the course, up to four (4) points will automatically be reduced on your driving record. The point reduction could help you avoid a license suspension. NOTE: The point total cannot be reduced below zero. Point reduction can only be credited once every eighteen (18) months. This course cannot be used to reduce future points.

10% Off Your Insurance Premium – When you complete the Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your Collision and Auto Liability insurance premium, including Property Damage (PD), Bodily Injury (BI), and Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Your discount will apply to all vehicles for which you are the principal operator FOR 3 YEARS.

Per New York DMV Commissioner Regulations – if you fail to pass the final examination, you are allowed two (2) retests.