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Marcella NYC

Marcella NYC

Marcella NYC is a designer fashion brand offering original “minimalism with an edge” apparel and accessories within reach.

Designed in New York City and handcrafted in Europe, Marcella NYC is overtly committed to advancing women and girls globally.

Marcella grew out of the practical reality of living in New York City: big bills and small closets! Fueled by the bold, individual edge that NYC women exude through their personal style, we’re inspired by the ethos of buying fewer pieces but better ones: the hard-working, seasonless wardrobe staples that can take you from day to night in an instant. All of Marcella’s clothing and accessories are designed in NYC and handcrafted in Europe using only locally sourced fabrics and trims.

Our line of essentials is perfect for America’s 20 million creative professional women and tens of millions more around the world. We celebrate the age and body-diverse following we’ve cultivated and look forward to meeting you if we’re not yet acquainted!


Together, as a predominantly-female team of entrepreneurs, we seek to revolutionize the ethics of fashion by embracing the idea that each commercial choice made by our company can promote societal change. At Marcella, we are more than minimalist designer fashion within reach. We are a movement seeking to advance women and girls globally through our mission of “Design That Matters™.”

One conversation. Two people on a first date at a NYC Italian restaurant. An up and coming fashion designer with a hot Etsy boutique, she’d gone to a women’s college and become passionate about women’s rights. A global economic development expert, he believed fervently in the importance of empowering women to the world’s future. Marcella NYC had been born by the time the bruschetta arrived…

SIYANA HUSZAR, Creative Director & Co-Founder:
“There came a time in my life when I realized that, as much as I liked to dress like a cool, edgy New Yorker, I couldn’t really afford it. That’s when I decided to change that for myself and for tens of millions of other women around the world.”

ANDY HUSZAR, CEO & Co-Founder:
“My life’s work has focused on advancing human progress and I’m proud to say that same mission is the lifeblood of Marcella across the four pillars of democratizing design, social impact, ethical production, and sustainability – together what we call ‘Design That Matters.”