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Amazon Sellers Lawyer - blendnewyork

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Suspended on Amazon? The team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer can help with any Amazon issues sellers face.

With unparalleled experience in both law & ecommerce, Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall, PC, the law firm behind, is a dynamic firm that has the ability to approach your Amazon issue from every angle.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is the #1 law firm helping Amazon sellers, whether it’s an account / listing suspension, intellectual property complaint, representing sellers in litigation, protecting / monitoring private label brands, or legal services tailored to online businesses such as contract drafting, sale of business & more. They are available for sellers worldwide with teams in the USA & China.

Amazon Account Suspensions & Appeals Letters

We help reinstate suspended sellers with skillfully-written Plans of Action. We address Amazon suspensions from a legal perspective to get your account reinstated right away. Our strategy involves an initial investigation of your account, followed by a report that clearly outlines the main issues for you. Our Plans of Action for suspended Amazon sellers have helped many accounts get reinstated.

Intellectual Property Right Complaints

We help sellers who receive IP complaints on Amazon. These complaints sometimes lead to account / ASIN suspensions that degrade sellers’ accounts. There’s 3 steps we take in dealing with intellectual property complaints on Amazon: 1: Analyze the account to see if there’s any violation, 2: work to get the complaint withdrawn, and 3: send a Plan of Action to Amazon.

Free consultations 7 days a week: 1-877-9-SELLER

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