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WildHeart is a land-based culture hub incubating new performances cultivating deep community hosting transformational events.

WildHeart is the culmination of collaborative partnerships with artists and embodiment practitioners from around the world.

Our bodies are cultured. Our embodiment practice (and unexamined habitual patterning!) channels into our artmaking. Art shapes culture. And the culture we co-create circles back around to shape our bodies.

We can interrupt the default course of this cycle at any point:

  • with critical thinking and strategic detox from the overculture’s impact on our bodies;
  • with embodiment practice that repatterns how we self-express;
  • with art that affirms life, honors all bodies, opens regenerative possibilities.

This is our work: to support a spiral of cultural, embodied, creatively expressed love.

Much administrative, manual and emotional labor supports those priorities. In the nitty-gritty of walking the walk, we provide food and housing, land access, studio space, event planning, logistical coordination, and marketing outreach.

Artists in Residence: Incubate your next performance at WildHeart. Discounted lodging and access to the dance studio, land, and a community of artists.

Retreats: Weeklong, or long-weekend immersive experiences, including food, housing, and a community of dedicated practitioners.

Classes & Events: Join us for an ongoing schedule of classes, events, ceremonies, performances, and more!

WildHeart is situated on Schaghticoke and Munsee Lenape ancestral land surrounded by 46 acres of forest, field, lake and wetlands in the Hudson River Valley, between Beacon and New Paltz, NY. While you’re visiting, you can enjoy the private lake and lawns, commercial kitchen, dance studio, event barn, main guesthouse, guestrooms, and cabins!

183 East Road, Wallkill, New York 12589

(845) 379-1851