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Wendy’s Vegetarian Kitchen

Wendy’s Vegetarian Kitchen

Wendy’s Vegetarian Kitchen, located in the heart of the HUDSON VALLEY, will lead you to discover a culinary celebration that embraces compassion and flavor. We bring the farmer into our kitchen.

Elevate your event with artfully-crafted plant-based dishes that delight the senses and leave a lasting impression. Unleash the power of green love on your occasion!

Chef Wendy Grossman, a culinary virtuoso, embarked on her gastronomic journey in the heart of India, seeking wisdom from temples and mastering recipes. In Boston, under the tutelage of the revered Master Michio Kushi at the Kushi Institute, she delved into the art of Macrobiotics.

Wendy’s culinary ethos revolves around passionate, from-scratch cooking, utilizing locally-sourced, organic ingredients to champion local farms.

With a culinary journey that includes pioneering plant-based restaurants like Arnolds Turtle, Angelica’s Kitchen, Garden Cafe, and Menla Mountain Retreat, Wendy has left an indelible mark. Her expertise extends to catering for Airbnb, corporate clients, and retreats, offering a menu tailored to diverse dietary needs, from gluten-free to low carb. Notably, Wendy’s Nutty Cheese, launched in 2007, has garnered acclaim nationwide.

Elevate your special occasions, retreats, or corporate events with Wendy’s gourmet plant-based creations—an exquisite blend of passion, skill, and culinary innovation.

Discover the Joy of Plant-Based Eating with Wendy’s Vegetarian Kitchen

  • Candlelight Dinner For Two
  • Dinner Parties
  • Retreats & Vacation Catering
  • Grazing Tables
  • Wendy’s Nutty Cheese

P.O. Box 432, Phoenicia, New York

[email protected]
(845) 688-9823 (no texting please)