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Surati for Performing Arts

Surati for Performing Arts

Surati for Performing Arts is an Arts & Entertainment company that showcases dance, music, theatre, festivals & stories.

Surati FPA’s mission is to create and present performing arts and cultural experiences that globalize themes rooted in Indian culture, that convey the universal message of equality, inclusion, and unity in diversity, through staged productions, arts-in-education, cultural festivals, and interactive workshops.

Surati for performing arts has created, produced and performed original works that have had a national impact on communities within the U.S. and beyond.

Surati Founder & Artistic director, Rimli Roy, an artiste herself, runs the creative side of the organization and often plays the role of executive producer for its programs. The administration, marketing and public relations are handled by contractors, for programs throughout the year.

Surati works with artists, administrators and technicians who are culturally and ethnically diverse, including African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans as well as individuals with learning and physical disabilities. Surati brings its programming to the under-served communities including senior citizens and low-income communities. Surati also runs programs for youth and children, and has provided scholarships to 50 low-income students.

Since 2002, award-winning nonprofit Surati FPA led by Founder-Artistic Director Rimli Roy has performed at The Kennedy, Lincoln, and Alaska Centers for Performing Arts, Library of Congress, United Nations, Indian Consulate NY, and Reichhold Center(USVI) among others. Surati works relentlessly to create multidisciplinary artistic works, bring communities together through India-inspired, socially relevant festivals like Holi and Diwali, and opportunities for over 200 artists annually.

Our audience is eclectic who gets to observe and enjoy their community’s representation at our events and performances. Representation consists of people from diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Through our programming we try to educate communities about the history and evolution of Indian Performing Arts, sometimes creating partnerships with other art forms, while making it entertaining through dance music and theatre. Our programming appeals to almost all members of society, families, students, artists, among others who stand to benefit from our arts-in-edutainment presentations/productions.

844 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey

(201) 792-2650