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Subsurface Specialists, Inc.

Subsurface Specialists, Inc is a modern day civil engineering firm with technical knowledge and experience to take on projects of any size. Subsurface Specialists, Inc. exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help our clients facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

​Subsurface Specialists, Inc. offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve your most complex engineering situations.

As we continue to grow, we hold our core values in the highest regard: quality, communication, and reliability.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce and the relationships we have with our clients. Since opening our doors in 2021, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients.

Geotechnical Evaluation: The cornerstone of Subsurface Specialists is providing quality geotechnical evaluations for our clients. This includes geotechnical oversight of soil borings, reviewing and analyzing soil boring results and providing design recommendations which will be used throughout the lifecycle of a project. A thorough geotechnical evaluation is necessary for any successful project.

105 Maxess Road, Suite 124, Melville, NY 11747

(631) 980-3912