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Long Island ABATE

Long Island ABATE

Long Island ABATE is a motorcyclists’ rights organization dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety. We fully support rider training, safety and educational programs. ABATE defrays the cost of fighting for your rights thru runs and benefits. We encourage our members to become active in their local communities.

At Long Island ABATE, we prefer the acronym, American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education.

ABATE works to protect the rights of all motorcyclists through direct involvement in the political process. ABATE is non-partisan and welcomes all riders. We give those with a strong interest in motorcycling an opportunity to unite and become part of America’s strongest motorcycle organization.

ABATE feels that all of us, from lifestyle rider to off-road-fan, are brothers and sisters with a common interest … riding free! Our members have joined forces to put an end to discriminatory legislation, to educate and to protect the freedom of all; both riders and non-riders alike. We do this not only to benefit us, but to promote a better image of motorcyclists in general!

ABATE stands for many things, but most of all, it stands for FREEDOM!

There are no special requirements for joining aside from an interest in promoting motorcyclists’ rights and safety. As a member, you are showing support and help in the ongoing struggle against anti-motorcycle legislation.

Long Island ABATE is a very active non-profit, 501(c)3 located on Long Island that helps to promote Bike Safety, lobby for motorcyclist’s rights, and raise money for local Veteran Organizations. Long Island ABATE has no management costs. All of our members, including our officers are purely volunteer and do not take any compensation or salary for the work they do.

Every dime we raise goes to support our mission, or in cases where we raise money for veterans, we donate every penny we raise directly to those organizations. Long Island ABATE does not take any percentage of that money raised for its own purposes.


What does ABATE stand for?

A: Many different organizations throughout the country have different meanings for ABATE, while their ultimate goals are largely the same, to promote safety and lobby for biker’s rights.

Q: What is the difference between NY ABATE and Long Island ABATE?

A: Long Island ABATE originally started as a chapter of NY ABATE. In 2012, the members of ABATE voted to become independent of NY ABATE so they could focus on the projects and legislation that pertained specifically to Long Island motorcyclists.

Q: Do only Bikers belong to Long Island ABATE?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, we have many members who do not ride bikes. ABATE is an organization that promotes rights for bikers and drivers alike, while our core focus is on motorcyclist rights. Friends and family of our community are members as well. We provide education and a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. We offer a social escape as well with our many bike runs, campouts and concerts.

Q: Is Long Island ABATE a Motorcycle Club?

A: No. Long Island ABATE is a 501(c)3 service organization here to protect ALL bikers from overreaching legislation and unaware drivers who try to harm us.

(516) 381-1531 | [email protected] | P.O. Box 22, Yaphank, NY 11980