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Debra La Lomia, NY Artist

Loma Life

LOMA LIFE – Life is But a Dream

Debra La Lomia, New York artist.

“I’ve been an artist my entire life. I didn’t always believe it, nor dared say it out loud. There were times when the voice of my creativity was difficult to hear, but gradually I realized, it was only me that was muffling it. It usually managed to squeak its way out though, and that has been an invaluable connection to myself. Squeaking is all well and good, if you’re a mouse, but why not try to sing? These paintings are me practicing my scales. Take a look around. I hope you enjoy your stay. Thank you for visiting.”

So many factors come into play when creating art and there’s so many variables that affect how or why a person responds to it.

There’s an intangible quality that travels through a painting, or hopefully it does, if it’s working. When I see a piece of art that really grabs me, I get a sensory high of perception. I love when that happens.

It’s like making sauce. It needs the right ingredients and a certain alchemy. When it’s simmering on the stove, and it’s aroma wafts down the hallway, it’s just heavenly. That’s some kind of sauce magic.