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The Harlem Swing Dance Society

The Harlem Swing Dance Society

The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS) is the premiere Harlem organization (501 c 3) promoting, preserving, propagating and protecting Harlem’s rich Lindy Hop and Swing Dance culture in its Harlem home.

​We have worked with various Harlem organizations, partnering and bringing awareness to this rich culture that was perfected at Harlem’s famed Savoy Ballroom.

These include the Studio Museum in Harlem, Harlem Week, the Apollo Theater, Museum of the City of New York, Morris Jumel Mansion and NYC Parks and Recreation to name a few. By this diligent outreach over the last seven years we are being recognized and often called upon to further ignite a movement and more appreciation of this rich Harlem culture.

THSDS is familiar with the Living Legends of this dance art form: Norma Miller, Beatrice Pierce, George Sullivan, Sugar Sullivan, Sonny Allen, Barbara Billups representing the Savoy Ballroom…. Gregory “Waco” Arnold, Crystal Johnson, David Butts, Yvell Richardson, Clementine “Tiny” Thomas, Viola Hamilton, “Big Tony” Gomez and many too numerous to mention here. These latter named dancers (representing the Savoy Manor) are Harlem Dance Champions that are still with us from the Mama Lou Parks Dancers (and Parkettes) who helped keep the famed Harvest Moon Ball winning streak with Lindy Hop alive by winning that famous contest! ALL of their contributions add to a balanced history that is lacking elsewhere – but that The Harlem Swing Dance Society has access to.

With the community’s support and donations, The Harlem Swing Dance Society will be able to make more headway and groundwork with our mission. We want future Harlemites – especially the Youth – to learn, recognize and appreciate ALL of the accomplishments.

We invite you to join us: Swing Back and make a difference! Help us Help Harlem :>)