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Great Wrap is a revolutionary stretch wrap material made with potato waste.

Great Wrap is 100% compostable, meaning, it will add organic matter to your compost pile, leaving no microplastics behind. Our materials perform to the same standard as conventional plastic but will break down in under 180 days.

We’re a team of bio-designers, engineers & scientists that’ve developed a new paradigm of packaging technology — enabling us to manufacture compostable stretch wrap.

Materials you can trust.

We don’t support half-truths or greenwashing. Our products are made from the best materials possible every day. We believe true innovation happens on a molecular level — and any new, better solution must be reimagined and redesigned. Currently, we use the starch from potato waste in our formula. In the future, we will continue to innovate, utilizing the greatest technology available.

Composting slows climate change.

There are two natural carbon sinks on our planet: our oceans and our soils. Carbon building up in our atmosphere and oceans is accelerating climate change at a dangerous pace. Our soils, on the other hand, desperately need more carbon.

If we added just 0.4% of organic carbon to our soils and gardens via composting each year, it would be the equivalent of all global greenhouse gases released annually.

If all of the world’s single-use plastic were replaced with compostable bioplastic made from food waste, forestry waste, wastewater, seaweed, algae, or other bio-waste materials — we could have an immediate and profound impact on climate change and plastic pollution.

The only compostable stretch wrap made with food waste. Reinventing the material palette of the future.