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Sheets Laundry Club

Sheets Laundry Club

Sheets Laundry Club. Simply put – it’s a better way to clean.

Sustainable, eco-friendly products made with the Earth in mind.

Mainstream laundry and cleaning products use way too many plastics and dangerous chemicals and toxins. Simply reducing plastic and harsh chemical use wasn’t enough. So… they completely ELIMINATED them.

Clean Laundry, Less Mess

No pouring, no measuring, no drips – just toss in one lightweight powerful laundry detergent sheet in place of your regular detergent for the same cleaning power without the fuss.

Since launching in December ’19 with their revolutionary Laundry Detergent Sheet (yep, you heard that right!), they have gained a dedicated following of over 75,000 eco-conscious customers that are looking for more ways to reduce plastic outside of just the Laundry room.

In response, they have expanded their product line to cover all of your cleaning and self-care needs. From scent boosters to dish soap, you can find what you need.

Since then, our two man team has grown into a dedicated group of change makers. Our crew is passionate, driven, and committed to helping save our planet by providing plastic-free, eco-friendly alternatives to your normal laundry routine.

We’ve got your whole laundry routine covered. From easy-to-use detergent sheets to powerful scent boosters, cleaner has never been easier.

As always, everything from Sheets Laundry Club is 100% plastic-free and safe for the environment.