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Maison Pickle

Maison Pickle

Maison Pickle is a classic eatery bringing iconic and comforting American favorites. French Dips are our signature dish, but don’t forget about the cocktails~ it’s all about the long lunches and late night revelry.

Maison Pickle

A refined and relaxed setting for food and drink, Maison Pickle brings a style and substance akin to New York’s grand dining experiences, respecting the venerated traditions of a sandwich of meat swaddled in bread and dipped in jus. From the neon signage to the dramatic banquettes, the restaurant pays homage to the distinguished and diverse cultural communities that have come to define an evolving Upper West Side, while bringing the West Coast culinary invention to a new home in New York.


Maison Pickle’s French Dip sandwich strives to establish a history and tradition of that special dish on the East coast and in New York City. While only shades of the sandwich’s potential have reached Manhattan, Jacob saw “a way to make the French Dip better, with care, and with the best ingredients and talent,” building on his work with Jacob’s Pickles’ – the champion of Southern food in New York. He says, “the French Dip is a special sandwich. The combination of the best meats from our friends at Fleischer’s, in-house baked bread, and pan-scraped jus brings a smile to my face, and I want to see that twinkle of satisfaction in my guests.” The food at Maison Pickle will bring the best continental standards to the Upper West Side, with the French Dip leading the way.


To drink, guests can choose from classic cocktails, a beer from the cellar, and a diverse selection of wines that are as carefully sourced as the ingredients the chefs cook with. The farmer, gardener, or breeder—Maison Pickle looks to vintners who produce wines with an authentic history, tradition, and terroir.

At Maison Pickle, cocktails share the stage with food. With a touch of glamour, they complement the history of the space and menu with an expressive reverence for the past and an ambitious vision of the future. For example, a foie gras French Dip sandwich pairs with The Upper West Side, a cognac and brandy take on the Manhattan—dark spirits cut through the rich meat. Food and drink as one, sharing a palate through common ingredients and varying textures—victuals and spirits at play.

Drinking is just as important as eating at Maison Pickle, and, in concert with cocktails, Jacob’s personal beer collection will be available alongside an extensive wine list developed in collaboration with wine director Guy Devereux – another Ouest alumnus. Capturing the “French” heritage of Maison Pickle our wine list addresses the food first, while complimenting the rest of the drink menu. Profiles and pairings aim to please all palates, the list includes consciously selected wines from varying methods of production including organics and biodynamics. While broadening horizons with new ways of looking at the most traditional flavors Guy has also added unexpected varietals and regions – a departure for this address – opening new doors for our guests.

Bar Hours
Mon-Thur 4PM-2AM
Fri-Sat 4PM-4AM
Sun 4PM-2AM

Kitchen Hours
Service begins at 4:00PM daily
Sunday-Tuesday open until 12:30AM
Wednesday open until 1:30AM
Thursday-Saturday open until 2AM

Reservations: (212) 496-9100

2315 Broadway (at W. 84th St.) New York, NY 10024