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Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano – Coach, Teacher, Author

Codependents and Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Do Not Believe They Are Good Enough – Lisa A. Romano Works With Them to Change That, So They Can Manifest Their Best Life Yet!

Lisa A. Romano is a certified Life Coach who specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse. Through her personal struggles, she has found a way out of the confusion a codependent mind can be.

Lisa A. Romano

If you are struggling with feeling like you are invisible and secretly wonder if you are as worthy as others, you are in the right place. The truth is, we’ve all been sold a bill of goods that just don’t work.

Lisa A. Romano – Voted #1 Most Influential PersonTop YouTube Life Coach

Until you get into the subconscious mind and heal the beliefs that have taken control over your life, no matter how grateful, forgiving, kind, or generous you are, you cannot experience joy.

Lisa A. Romano

If you have been taught that your feelings do not matter, you have also been brainwashed–yes–brainwashed to disown your connection to the sacred potential that resides in you. My work is dedicated to helping YOU awaken to the power creator you truly are, whose psychological self has been battered and brainwashed by outside influences.

Science knows that what children experience in their childhoods becomes the framework for the future adult lives. What you do not know IS hurting you Dear One, and I create programs, meditations, and write books to help you figure out what is keeping you stuck.


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