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Fuákata - Cuban Salsa NY

Fuákata – Cuban Salsa NY

Fuákata: Cuban Salsa Casino and Rueda Dance Classes, Private lessons, Performance Groups, Outings and Social Nightlife in New York City.

Cuban Dance Center in New York City

💃🏼Group Dance Classes
🕺🏼Private Dance Lessons
🌟Performance Teams
🎶Social Events / Nightlife
🎉Join our dance community!

We have over 20+ years experience teaching and promoting Cuban dance and music in the NYC area.

Fuákata was founded by Christopher Rogicki in the year 2000 to promote Cuban-style Salsa and Timba music in the NYC area and beyond. The group is comprised of both a student and semi-pro team and is one of the only studios in the tri-state area which specializes in Cuban Salsa “Casino” and Rueda de Casino.

Fuákata strives to showcase the beauty of Cuban Salsa, its evolution, and the diversity of styles it embodies. Co-directed by Evelyn Ramirez, Chris and Evelyn have traveled everywhere between San Francisco, México, Cuba, and Germany to teach, perform, and train with some of the best instructors and choreographers in the world.

For those in NYC who enjoy Cuban Salsa / Timba music and dance (Casino, Son, Rueda de Casino), we host weekly classes in Manhattan & Brooklyn catered to all levels of dancers, weekend dance practice sessions / socials, group outings, live music / concert events, AND legal travel opportunities to Havana, Cuba each summer!

Join the best Cuban salsa classes in New York City – Dance, learn, have fun, meet new people, be part of an inclusive community, meet someone special, travel to Cuba, and much more.

Adelante Studios: 25 W. 31st Street (Broadway & 5th Ave.), 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001

Cuban Salsa Casino & Rueda in New York, New York.

For additional information or to register for our classes, check out our social media pages here: