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Her Village Inc

Her Village Inc.

Her Village Inc. was founded in 2016 in The Bronx, NY.

After experiencing diaper need herself, founder Chantal Alison-Konteh, was determined to make sure other NYC mothers didn’t have to struggle.

In March of 2016, Her Village Inc. hosted its first community baby shower in the poorest district in the country – The South Bronx. The event went well, News12 reported the event, and many mothers were served.

While the event was successful, Chantal was discontent; it was great to support mothers one time, but what about next month? Where is the continuum of support for NYC mothers?

That’s when Chantal discovered the diaper bank network, and there were people all over the country creating solutions to this very overlooked problem.

In February of 2020, Her Village Inc. became a tax-exempt non-profit organization launching its diaper bank, just in time to later provide pandemic relief to over 2,000 families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Her Village Inc. is committed to providing a safe space where mothers can receive judgment-free care and support.”

Our Mission: We exist to fill in the gaps and make the difference so mothers can thrive.

Our Vision: We envision a New York City where mothers are stable, well, and whole with a community of support.