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full body massage chair for sale

FOR SALE: Full-Body Massage Chair +


$1,500.00 lightly used (compare at $2,999.00 new)

The Ultimate L III Massage Chair is a multi-purpose chair designed from the ground up to massage your ENTIRE body.

Massage hands, airbags, music speakers, heating pads, foot rollers individually controlled for ultimate comfort.

3D body scan determines your dimensions & adjusts massage for exact body style.

Reclines to zero gravity at a 165 degree angle.

Designed to handle people up to 6’6″ and 325 lbs.

Heating pads on the back and calves.

Foot rollers providing reflexology and acupressure.

Does stretching & decompression – excellent stretching of the back, hips and legs. It does a hip twist which is fantastic!

6 separate levels of intensity adjustments for massage hands/back rollers.

5 separate levels of intensity adjustments for the airbag system.

3 separate levels of intensity adjustments for the foot rollers.

Nearly whisper quiet operation.

Text / Call Robert for more info: (631) 232-7978

For detailed information about these amazing chairs, visit Holistic Alternatives