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Compassionate Fashion

Read that Natalie Portman has a new shoe line, and it’s cruelty free. I believe that it’s all the better if we can find alternatives for certain fabrics like leather and fur.  There is plenty of science and technology today where we can make eco-conscious substitutes for our actions, whether it be fashion or something else.  

Las Vegas has an annual earth-friendly fashion show and market which is committed to environmentally sustainable products. In the heart of a city that celebrates excess, this event is a haven of organic and natural beauty products / fashion crafted from beautiful and sustainable materials.

Here’s some terms that come up regularly on the topic of “environmentally friendly” products :

  • Organic : The farming and harvesting procedures for the material must not involve harmful pesticides and bleaching chemicals that harm the land.
  • Sustainable : The harvesters and traders of the products are paid a fair wage, allowing for a healthy culture.
  • Cruelty-Free : No animals are harmed in harvesting or assembly; clothes and accessories don’t use fur or feathers.
  • Recyclable : Clothing and accessories are sturdy for long use and bio-degradable once discarded.

Here at Blend New York, we are always looking for clothing and accessories that are made with the heart. Even though there aren’t multitudes of designers creating “compassionate fashion,” hopefully this necessary trend will catch on more.  I’m keeping my eyes wide open in hopes to find the most stylish, eco-friendly clothes and accessories that can esthetically compete with world-class design houses.