Project Runway Finale

This season of project runway came to a “fierce” end.

Did the judges make the right decision? Post your comments here…

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5 Responses to Project Runway Finale

  1. Bunrtlasveg says:

    I was actually shocked that Christian won. I think the judges probably liked him more because of his attitude. I thought that Rami’s was much more esthetically pleasing.

  2. Rachel356 says:

    Christian’s collection had the most youth and coolness factor. It was over the top and the feather details were amazing.

  3. Linnie says:

    Christian’s collection was fierce ! But I liked Jillian’s the best.

  4. Tellmeaboutit says:

    Rami hands down. He makes draping look effortless.

  5. NewSun says:

    Rami has the most talent. Surprised Christian won – think his personality was the winner, not his designs for sure.

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